QuickBooks Choices

As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I’m excited about the options available for QuickBooks.  In a networking meeting last night the subject came up when I described what I do.  This is an attempt to clarify what each product offers.

Here are a few possibly surprising facts when deciding which platform to use:

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is an Excellent Fit for Service Industries

With the right features selected, QuickBooks Payments or third-party apps, you can create estimates, invoice customers and collect payments from anywhere.

QuickBooks Desktop Is Great for Construction Industries

QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise editions make job costing (including all aspects of payroll) efficient and accurate.  Reporting is robust, allowing for measurement of jobs actual versus budget.

QuickBooks Desktop has Bank Feeds

Intuit has made bank feeds within the Desktop version just as easy to use and as flexible as QBO.

QuickBooks Enterprise is for Small Business

If you have even one employee who is working in your QuickBooks file, consider the Enterprise version.  Very specific (task oriented) permissions can be assigned allowing delegation of data entry or order entry etc.


Narrowing Down Your Options

Without doubt the number of options gives our clients more solutions than ever.

QuickBooks Online offers three levels, all with the flexibility of access from anywhere.  There is no software to update, backup or manage.  Businesses with basic accounting needs should find the online version is a good fit. Migrating from Desktop to Online is done in conjunction with a ProAdvisor or Intuit support.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is also a good fit for businesses with basic accounting needs.  It supports international sales as well as expense tracking.

QuickBooks Premier is a good choice for businesses that need to track job cost or inventory and have not yet experienced a lot of growth.  Class tracking allows reporting sales and expenses by revenue stream or location.  Time and expenses can be efficiently managed and tracked including employee, project, client or services.  Intuit supports both Pro and Premier versions for three years before upgrading is necessary.  Adding remote hosting allows for access from anywhere.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise provides the most features of all the choices and is excellent for businesses planning to grow.  The workflow is seamless, as all transactions can be linked together making searches powerful.  Advanced Inventory options allow for cost-effective inventory control.  Advanced Reporting is a powerful tool in creating reports outside of the standard reports.

Painless Decision Making

Clients who need advice on which product is the best fit can be assured that as Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pros we have worked with businesses across a wide spectrum who successfully use QuickBooks.   We would love to work with you in determining the best solution for your needs.






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