As both a small business owner and a provider of bookkeeping services, I’m inspired daily by many things. Here then is my list of top 10 inspirations:

#10 Online time and job tracking services which allow companies whose employees are out of the office to easily clock in and out of various jobs with smart phones. And they integrate with payroll systems allowing for detailed job costing and less time spent on data entry.

#9 Receipt apps that allow capture of photos of receipts and integration with accounting software to import the info. Think massive efficiency!

#8 New accounting solutions for traditional challenges. For example a company with multiple partners who need access to financial information (think attorneys) are all able to log into cloud solutions to look at receivables, payables and any other piece of info necessary. Several online solutions provide that ability, QuickBooks Online, Zero, Freshbooks to name a few.

#7 Government tax websites who have upgraded to make tax payments to various agencies available through one platform. Brilliant.

#6 Project/work management cloud solutions that combine organization, CRM, deadline management AND integrate with cloud accounting – that’s inspiring.

#5 I’m inspired by groups who support our profession, providing new information daily via seminars, webinars and support groups. Without them it would be much more difficult to keep up with new solutions.

#4 Accounting software giant, Intuit, who continuously improves their products and provides wonderful support to its certified Pro Advisors. The evolution continues and results have been amazing.

#3 Employees who embrace these improved accounting solutions. My clients have awesome employees who are willing to try and test new ideas and methods.

#2 Business owners who understand their value to their companies and whose willingness to hire or outsource accounting functions shows their wisdom. I’m inspired by these folks who realize the time and money saved by putting their efforts into growing their businesses pays off for everyone.

#1 My accounting staff who care deeply about a job well done and whose client service goes above and beyond. They understand life and business don’t always neatly take place between 9 am and 5 pm.

We love what we do and we would love to talk with you about your bookkeeping needs.


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