Successful Change

In our business, as in yours most likely, efficiency drives profitability.  Due to constantly changing offerings such as new apps, tools and systems, it’s tough to stay informed on how to best use new accounting products to improve profitability.  We strive to keep our clients in touch with new ways to remain competitive, increase productivity and leverage resources.

Regardless of the app or system, the process behind implementation is the key to utilization success.  Here are five things to consider before a system change:

1.  Determine exactly what is needed and search for the system which best provides it.  Discuss with your trusted advisors what goals need to be met and what you’re willing to pay.  Ask for input from employees, their buy-in to a new system or tool is more likely if they’ve been consulted in the decision.  One common scenario with our clients is implementation of a time keeping system for employees on jobs.  (Our current favorite is TSheets, ( Allowing employee input may foster a sense of ownership, creating cooperation instead of complain.

2.  Commit to the time and money necessary to implement successfully.  Consider hiring an outside company  to guide through transition.  For example, a client migrating to a QuickBooks product does their company a huge favor by consulting with us from the start.  We can assist with choosing the best product for your company (there are several versions of QuickBooks).  Probably the most common question we hear is how to decide between QuickBooks Desktop products and QuickBooks Online products,  We have insight on what works for your situation!

3.  Take time to plan implementation.  Make sure your system meets the system requirements for the new stuff.  Because this is what we do, we have checklists and processes and timelines to bring about a successful conversion.

4.  Provide training for everyone.  Set aside time for everyone to learn, keeping in mind that different people adapt differently.  That seems so simple but in the rush we sometimes forget the obvious.

5.  Ongoing support must be a priority, there are going to be bumps in the transition highway, maybe even a few potholes.  The software/tool/app must provide adequate support as well as your consultants.  When we consult in a migration to QuickBooks for example, we’re usually physically on hand on go-live day and available by phone, video conference and remote connection after that.

Stick to your plan and you’ll not only survive the change but embrace it!

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