Fair Pricing For All.

Paragon Pricing

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Pricing and Packages Tailored To Suit Your Business

Our firm is here to provide accounting and business solutions to yours.  Obviously experience and knowledge comes at a price; at Paragon we promise to work with you to set a price that is fair to all. 

When we meet with you to assess the needs of your business here are some of the considerations we’ll discuss with you:

  • What problems can we help solve?
  • How can we help grow your business and be more profitable?
  • How can we make your business more valuable?
  • What deadlines can we help you meet?
  • What kind of education/training do you and your employees need?

With that information we’ll put together a package that suits your company, with payment terms outlined up front.  No surprises, just guaranteed service.   

Enjoy Your Evenings, Hire Paragon To Do Your Accounting and Bookkeeping.